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About Abatis Dublin Tree Services

Abatis was founded in 1939 by John Lyne my father. Today Abatis Dublin tree services is owned and run by me Paddy Lyne. I started working with Abatis tree services at the tender age of 10 years old. As family run business here in Dublin as you can imagine, generations of customers have come to rely and trust Abatis for all their tree services requirements. I have spent my life working with trees and helping people in Dublin and greater Dublin area with their landscaping and any other tree services issues.

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Services of Abatis Dublin Tree Services

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Abatis Dublin tree services owner Paddy Lyne

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Services of Abatis Tree Services

Our Services: Here is a list of our services below but keep in mind we also do alternative work to the general list. Expert Pruning & Crown Reduction Pruning may be required for various reasons like: Tree health, safety or growth control etc. Tree and Stump Removal Abatis Dublin tree service remove and take down trees with complete professionalism and adhering to all safety regulations. We remove and cut the wood or leave on site for the owner depending on your wishes. Dangerous Overhangs: If you have a dangerous overhang over buildings electrical wire or streets we can remove in a safe and efficient way. Fire dangers We here at Abatis Dublin tree services carry out a comprehensive assessment on all your property evaluating your potential fire hazards due to your trees and ground cover. Many home insurers require this assessment and the removal of the offending trees or bushes. Call Paddy Today on 087 2519969 for your Free Estimate.