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About us

About Abatis Dublin Tree Services

About Abatis Dublin Tree Services

Abatis tree service was founded in 1939 by John Lyne my father. Today Abatis Dublin tree services is owned and run by me Paddy Lyne.  I started working with Abatis tree services working by my father’s side at the tender age of 10 years old.

As family run business here in Dublin as you can imagine, generations of customers have come to rely and trust Abatis for all their tree services requirements. I have spent my life working with trees and helping people in Dublin and greater Dublin area with their landscaping and any other tree services issues.

Our Staff at Abatis Dublin tree services

I am very proud of my staff  here at Abatis Dublin tree services, who are highly trained and highly educated and can offer you professional advice on any tree service issue you may have.

We here at Abatis pride our self in customer satisfaction and strive to reach the perfect solution for you our customers. There is no job or problem that we have not come across in our long history. Therefore we possess all the solutions to your landscaping or tree requirements.

We here at Abatis Dublin Tree services believe that we have the expertise and the knowledge and know-how and also have the most modern equipment and machinery to tackle any of your tree service or landscaping issues.

Abatis takes immense pride in our Tree Services

We also take immense pride in carrying out all of our work in a professional manner and believe that it is of the utmost importance to ensure your property reaches its full potential.

We here at Abatis Dublin tree services realise how important the surrounding and landscaping of your property is and how much value our work adds to your property. Therefore it is imperative that you hire the best and we believe we are.

We here at Abatis Dublin Tree services have been serving the Dublin community and the greater Dublin area for 74 years. We operate in a 20 mile radius of Dublin and there is no job or project we will do no matter how big or small.

So now you know Abatis Dublin Tree services

So know that you know all about us In Abatis Dublin Tree services and have heard from myself Paddy Lyne in my short video I hope you do not hesitate to contact me on 087 251 9969 for any inquiry you may have.

Also feel free to browse through our website or visit our social media platforms to gain further information on me and my company.

I and my staff at Abatis Dublin Tree Services look forward to working with you soon.

So if you live in Dublin and the greater area, Abatis Dublin Tree services is the company for you

Thank You,

Paddy Lyne