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In our last job of the year we were working out in Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin.  The job in hand was to remove four cedar trees that were causing the headstones to fall and disrupting the road. We removed some by section felling, shredding the branches, logged timber and ground the root below surface. Also we had to re-kerb a section and put down a new surface on the road.  Today in this post I will put up a few videos of our work in this task. This of course will highlight how we went about our work here in Abatis Dublin tree services.

In the first two videos you will see where we at Abatis are felling one of the Cedar trees and in the other you will see where we are removing the stump of another Cedar tree here in Glasnevin Cemetery.



In the next video we see we have three of the Cedar trees removed and that we are in the process of removing the last one. We have to remove the stumps of two of the Cedars,you can clearly see that we have cut all the trees into logs.It is quite clear that we still have a lot of work to do.



In the next video you see the finished product. I have come back to show you the finished product. The four Cedar trees are removed and the surrounding area is left immaculate.


From the above the videos you can see the whole tree removal process with your own eyes. It is quite evident from the above videos that we here at Abatis Dublin Tree services posses the expertise and experience to carry out any of your Tree services needs in the Dublin area. Keep in mind we have been serving the people of Dublin with the past 74 years.

Now that we are entering a new year and you are looking for a Tree services company in Dublin, look no further than us at Abatis Dublin Tree Services. Call Paddy today on  087 251 9969 for a free quote. Before I sign off I would like to wish all our Customers in Dublin and beyond a Happy New Year.


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