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Do you need a tree services company in Dublin? If so you have come to the right place. We here at Abatis Dublin trees services have been serving the people of Dublin for the last 75 years.
Here is a list of our services below but keep in mind we also do alternative work to the general list.

    • Expert Pruning & Crown Reduction
    • Pruning may be required for various reasons like: Tree health, safety or growth control etc.
    • Tree and Stump Removal
    • Abatis Dublin tree service remove and take down trees with complete professionalism and adhering to all safety regulations. We remove and cut the wood or leave on site for the owner depending on your wishes.
    • Dangerous Overhangs: If you have a dangerous overhang over buildings electrical wire or streets we can remove in a safe and efficient way.
    • Fire dangers
    • We here at Abatis Dublin tree services carry out a comprehensive assessment on all your property evaluating your potential fire hazards due to your trees and ground cover. Many home insurers require this assessment and the removal of the offending trees or bushes.

Here are two short videos  showing Abatis removing a stump, we had already cut down the tree.



You tube

Please feel free to visit our You Tube channel here:
Where you will find me Paddy Lyne and our staff hard at work in the Dublin area; we are a leading tree service company and you can see it firsthand here on our channel.

Abatis Dublin Tree services

So know that you know all about us In Abatis Dublin Tree services and have heard from myself Paddy Lyne in my short video I hope you do not hesitate to contact me on 087 251 9969 for any inquiry you may have.
Also feel free to browse through our website or visit our social media platforms to gain further information on me and my company.
I and my staff at Abatis Dublin Tree Services look forward to working with you soon.
So if you live in Dublin and the greater area, Abatis Dublin Tree services is the company for you
Thank You,
Paddy Lyne

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