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Tree Felling

Tree felling Services at Abatis Dublin Tree Services

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Tree felling is the process of cutting the tree near the base a using wedges or winches to fell it in one complete piece. Obviously we at Abatis do not carry out this option in most of our jobs due to the confined spaces we usually operate in. When operating in such an environment we carry out what we call sectional dismantling in the industry.

A tree felling with a heavy Heart

This is a service we offer but being nature lovers we do it with a heavy heart. However we at Abatis Dublin Tree services do fell trees from our customers in the Dublin and greater Dublin area. There is no doubt trees have to be felled for different reasons for example due to death or the structural integrity being compromised.

Like to replant a tree if possible

We at Abatis Dublin tree services always like to plant another substantial tree in its place if it feasible. Many times the offending tree can be located in an awkward position therefore requires all our skills and expertise which has been developed over our long and proud tradition serving the Dublin community. We cannot deny many times it requires us to dismantle the tree carefully into manageable sections in order to ensure the smooth tree felling.

We at Abatis Dublin Tree services make sure that the wood is utilized once the job is completed. This wood can have many uses no doubt but we will decide on the correct course of action in conjunction with you our client.

Tree Stump Grinding

Also often after carrying out such a procedure we may be left with a stump which has to be ground out. You can put your mind at ease as we at Abatis Dublin Tree Services have all the equipment to handle all tree services issues. What we do here is we grind down the stump below ground level where we can apply top soil where we will spread seed to cover the location of the felled tree. Also if you want to remove the lateral roots we at Abatis Dublin tree services can eliminate this problem if you wish.

 So that’s it from me about our Tree felling services here at Abatis Dublin Tree Service. All I have left to say to you if you need a tree felled or any other tree services do not hesitate to contact me on 087 2519969

Thank you

Paddy Lyne (owner of Abatis Dublin Tree Services)